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RL Gruppen AB delivers parking ticket receipt rolls, PCN - Parking Charge Notice and parking fine rolls suitable for most of the market's mobile printers. For over 15 years, we have provided this type of product to private parking companies and municipalities for rational parking monitoring, we are therefore aware of the requirements on these products. 


With us, you will find a wide range of rolls with or without print suitable for the most common mobile printers used for parking applications from Zebra, Bixolon, Woosim and others. Among our stocked items, you will find the following.


51/47/19 mm    Synthetic thermal    Yellow    Zebra MZ220, IMZ220
57/30/8 mm      Synthetic thermal    Yellow    Woosim WSP-R240
57/30/8 mm      Synthetic thermal    Green    Woosim WSP-R240
57/40/12 mm    Synthetic thermal    Yellow    Zebra ZQ310, WSP-R240
57/48/19 mm    Synthetic thermal    Yellow    Zebra ZQ510, RW220
76/48/19 mm    Synthetic thermal    Yellow    Zebra IMZ320
80/39/12 mm    Synthetic thermal    Yellow    Zebra ZQ320
                                                                               Bixolon SPP-L310
                                                                               Woosim WSP-R350


We supply rolls in both paper and synthetic thermal. For extra durability, we recommend our all-weather material in durable polypropylene film. This material provides good print quality and high resistance to UV light, snow and rain. Compared to other materials on the market, it can be easily torn off in a mobile printer without a cutter but still get a smooth and straight tearing edge.


There are high requirements regarding rolls for parking applications. The ink must of course, not come loose and damage the vehicle at the same time as it must work well in the printer without diminishing the print quality. It is also essential that the thermal printout remains intact for a long time so important information isn’t lost.

RL Gruppen AB also offers custom made rolls. From volumes of 1000 rolls, you can get the parking remarks with whichever print you want. Printed rolls are offered on a case-by-case basis, and the price is determined by size, volume and number of colours. We can also produce the rolls with perforation and a black reading mark if your software or printer requires it. For further information or samples, please contact us.





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